Big Brother

The Big Brother UK TV show started in 2000 on UK TV's Channel 4. It was originally a Dutch TV game show, made by Endemol. It came to the UK after a storm of publicity when the format was first aired in the Netherlands. After 11 series, and falling ratings, it moved from Channel 4 to Channel 5 in 2011 where it is currently airing its second series. On Channel 4, the program was presented by Davina McCall; it is now presented on Channel 5 by previous winner Brian Dowling.

The show features a set of "housemates" who are isolated from the outside world, living together in the Big Brother House where they are constantly filmed and have tasks to perform in order to receive food rations and other benefits. A set of auditions are held around the UK to find new contestants for each series of the Big Brother UK TV show. Viewers can watch their every move and conversation via the set of cameras in each room, and every night, there is a program detailing the "highlights" of the day's activities. The house has a private "Diary Room" where contestants can go to speak to Big Brother, share their thoughts, and ask Big Brother for supplies or favours.

Each week the housemates nominate another housemate for "eviction" from the Big Brother UK TV show. The housemates with the most nominations are then voted for by the public to see who will be evicted on a big Friday night live eviction program. The housemates give their nominations for eviction confidentially in the Diary Room. They must justify their reasons to Big Brother for nominating someone for eviction, and it is a fundamental house rule that no one discusses their nomination.

However, as alliances, friendships, romances and even fights break out among the housemates, it is inevitable that the housemates figure out who is likely to be nominated. The last person to remain in the house wins a cash prize of 100,000 and many previous housemates from the Big Brother UK TV show have gone on to become TV presenters or media personalities.

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